Rebel Watch: A STAR WARS Podcast

EP. 52 - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Deceived | In-depth discussion

March 31, 2018

Dilly Dilly! We are diving into Star Wars The Old Republic. Today we are discussing Deceived by Paul Kemp. Darth Malgus is one of the more notorious Sith Lords during this time period (3653 BBY). This book has an awesome beginning and a satisfying ending! 

Summary: Darth Malgus leads an attack against the Jedi Temple located on Coruscant. The Jedi and Sith are attempting to negotiate a peace treaty. Aryn Leneer, Jedi Knight, senses the attack and the death of her Master Ven Zallow! Against the wishes of the Jedi Council, she travels to Coruscant to face her master's killer. She needs help to get there and enlists her old friend, Zeerid Korr! 

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